1. Overview
  2. Installation & Startup
  3. Configuration & complete example

Statistics & Logbooks

Any statistical evaluation of the collected data is bound to a logbook column. If you want to get the results from a statistical operation, you have to configure a logbook column. It doesn’t matter if the logbook is only virtual or imaginary and you are only interested in broadcasting your statistics via MQTT, or if the logbook will actually be written as a real file.

As a file, logbooks are tab-separated text files where the collected values from the most recent measurement cycle are statistically summarized and recorded. You can set up an arbitrary number of logbooks, each with their own variety of columns for different statistical operations, sensors and cycle times. A very simple example of the content of a logbook file is shown below. It collects the 30 minute mean values for two different sensors.

# Time                 Temp [°C]    Humidity [%RH]
2021-01-31 15:00:00    2.79615      65.0923
2021-01-31 15:30:00    1.182        70.46
2021-01-31 16:00:00    0.90467      75.36
2021-01-31 16:30:00    0.56         75.8733
2021-01-31 17:00:00    0.0286667    80.5067
2021-01-31 17:30:00    -0.499333    84.76
2021-01-31 18:00:00    -0.926       89.06
2021-01-31 18:30:00    -1.14067     89.1933

Logbook configurations

The logbooks key in the configuration file is always a JSON array that may contain any number of logbook configurations.

"logbooks": [
        "filename": "/home/user/weather/weatherlog.txt",
        "cycle_time": {"value": 15, "unit": "min"},
        "max_entries": 96,
        "missing_data": "-",
        "columns": [

Logbook columns

The "columns" key (as a child node of a logbooks object) always hosts a JSON array that can contain the definitions of an arbitrary number of columns. The very first column of any logbook is always a time stamp that shows when the statistics has been calculated. All the remaining columns are configured here.

"columns": [
        "title": "Temperature",
        "unit":  "°C",
        "sensor_id": "Weather/Temperature",
        "mqtt_publish": "House/Weather/Temperature/mean",
        "homematic_publish": "34572",
        "operation": "mean",
        "evaluation_period": {"value": 1, "unit": "h"},
        "confidence_absolute": 10.0,
        "title": "Humidity",
        "unit":  "%rel",
        "sensor_id": "Weather/Humidity",
        "mqtt_publish": "House/Weather/Humidity/median",
        "homematic_publish": "37856",
        "operation": "median",
        "confidence_sigma": 3.0
        "title": "Wind",
        "unit":  "Hz",
        "sensor_id": "Weather/Wind",
        "mqtt_publish": "House/Weather/Wind/frequency",
        "homematic_publish": "22156",
        "operation": "freq",
        "count_factor": 0.5