1. Overview
  2. Installation & Startup
  3. Configuration & complete example

HomeMatic settings

You can set up a connection to a HomeMatic CCU to read numerical data points and to set system variables. This way, sensor values from other sources can be sent to the CCU right after the measurement or after the statistical analysis. The communication is handled via the XML-API, which must be installed as an add-on for the HomeMatic CCU.

To get an overview of the available data points for your CCU and their respective ISE-ID, you can access statelist.cgi which the XML-API provides. Sensorlogger can read such data points using queries to state.cgi?datapoint_id=..., and it can set the values of system variables using statechange.cgi.

The root URL to reach the XML-API must be specified in the general homematic section of your configuration file:

"homematic": {
    "xmlapi_url": ""

Reading HomeMatic data points

"sensors": [
        "sensor_id": "House/Living_Room/Humidity",
        "homematic_subscribe": "94836",
        "factor": 1,
        "offset": 0,
        "counter": false,
        "trigger": "periodic",
        "rest_period": {"value": 2, "unit": "min"},
        "mqtt_publish": "House/Living_Room/Humidity/current"

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