Writes logbooks and serves as a relay hub to broadcast data from a multitude of sensors used in home automation. It handles Tinkerforge, MQTT, HomeMatic and JSON values from files or via HTTP(s).

October 2022

Calc Board

A calculator widget for Mac OS X with useful features for scientific professionals.

November 2008

Master’s Thesis

Optically Detected Electro­chemistry on Semi­conductor Nano­crystals (PDF)
About tiny quantum dots and their fluorescence, which was manipulated and studied by applying electric potentials.

November 2014

A short guide to CUDA C

A quick introduction to parallel computing on graphics cards. There are a few practical examples that can be useful in computational physics: it starts with Conway’s Game of Life, and then goes on about implementing random number generators and a Metropolis algorithm for simulations of the Potts model on spin lattices.

October 2012