Calc Board 1.6What’s new?

Calc Board 1.6 Screencast

If your number crunching needs more space, grab the widget’s resizer and stretch it to whatever dimensions you wish.

Calc Board Resizing


Font style adaption
Easily change font family and size in the new settings panel.

Calc Board Font Style Adaption


Saving the protocol
Calc Board features a new icon in its dock which lets you save your protocol to the desktop.

Calc Board Save to Desktop


Help command
Got entangled in cryptic syntax? The new help command lets you instantly search the manual.

Calc Board Help Command


Tasty new functions
Take some chances! We tought Calc Board the stochastics you need: calculate binomial coefficients and distributions, permutations, combinations, and variations.

We added modulo, fraction and truncate, improved the random function to accept any old range, rearranged the rt-parameters for far better convenience and made the gamma function way more precise.

Calc Board 1.6 Functions

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